Why we focus all our efforts on quality?

Because only the good quality olive oils should be consumed; defect olive oils can be cheaper but do not provide the health benefits that are found in fruity and balanced virgin olive oils without defects.

How top quality virgin olive oil is produced?

To produce excellent olive oil we have to put together the best techniques, maximum hygiene and excellent quality olives.

It seems easy but is not.

Without too much detail, we can say that the process starts in:

Olive Groove


- Seleccion of the olive varieties and types of grounds

- Treatment of the olive groove (spraying, pruning, fertilizations)

- Ripeness in the moment of harvesting          

- Harvesting and transportation techniques.

Olive Mill

- Olives storing techniques

- Time between harvesting and extraction

- The quality of the cleaning and defoliation of the olives

- The technology used

- The hygiene in the olive mill

- The stirred time (malaxation) and low temperatures

- Minimum air and water contact

- Exclusive use of stainless steel equipment (olive mill and storehouse)

- Storage conditions , no sunlight and controlled temperature (18ºC)


-The olive oil should be packed in glass or plastic for food use.

- After packed, the olive oil should be kept in a dark and fresh space, and be consumed in 18 months after its production.