Who we are

We are a small family business called Casa Féteira Lda. We own several olive grooves, particularly, Capeleira Farm with 10 ha which is were is our olive mill.

We are situated in a village just outside Porto de Mós, close to  Alcobaça and Candeeiros Mountain, in this region the tradition of olive oil  production comes from many years ago when Cistercians Monks came to these area and made a big agriculture development. 

Therefore, We produce olive oil mainly from olives from this region, particularly galega and cobrançosa varieties, combining the traditional methods with the important modern modifications resulting in a fruity, sweet, balanced and with low acidity olive oil.

Our olive mill started on the 20th century - 1912, by the hand of JOSE FETEIRA, the actual owners's great grandfather.

In 2007, the nowadays owners (four brothers) decided to continue with the family tradition by forming a company, and proceeding with a total refurbish of the old olive mill, therefore increasing its production and its technology.

This olive mill works by centrifuge force in a 2 phase continuous line, one of the best equipped of the region, meeting all the legal procedures and the best techniques of virgin olive oil production. It has been design to extract small quantities of olives, thus, allowing the small farmers of the region to consume olive oil of their own olives, an old tradition in the region.